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The resources provided through this website are to support the teaching teams to work together in order to help students of all cultural backgrounds achieve a deep and effective understanding of mathematics. Talking Namba is organised around the key ideas in number which includes fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


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The name of this website draws on Aboriginal Kriol in both its construction and orthography (the sounds and letters). The word ‘Talking’ is used in a broad sense, to mean discussing, expanding, explaining, seeking understanding etc. It also highlights the importance of the language of instruction in learning. The word ‘Namba’ is pronounced ‘Number’. In many Kriols, the ‘a’ has an ‘uh’ sound whereas ‘u’ has more of a short ‘oo’ sound such as in ‘cook’.

If you are new here download the progress map. It will give you an overview and explain the steps.

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