This resource was developed as part of the Strong Literacy and Numeracy in Communities pilot. It is derived from the idea that effective teaching, particularly in intercultural contexts, depends on teachers and paraprofessionals working closely together.

The role of this resource is to support teaching teams ('mainstream' teachers working alongside local community teachers*) to work together in order to help students of all cultural backgrounds achieve a deep and effective understanding of mathematics. It does this by providing a focus on what students already understand, what they need to learn next and how this learning can be achieved, in alignment with the NT Department of Education's policy on quality learning design as summarised here:


 Learning Design Model


While this resource has application in a wide variety of contexts, it has additional elements specifically tailored to remote Indigenous schools. Videos assist Indigenous community teachers to build a greater understanding of both the concept (what the idea actually is) and pedagogy (how to help students to understand it).

The Progress Map is organised around the key ideas in early number. These ideas reside within  these broader organisational headings:

Whole Number organiser

Core resources provided through this website include:

  • Progress maps providing a developmental sequence of key ideas
  • Activities linked to the key ideas in the development sequence
  • Videos in a number of languages demonstrating the delivery of activities by Indigenous teachers in classroom settings. (So far, videos are in: Djambarrpuyŋu (a Yolŋu language), Kriol (northern) and English)

(Access these core resources through the tabs at the top of the page)

There are also a number of support materials to help you get started with the Talking Namba resource

Support materials include:
Talking Namba is a work in progress. Currently all of the steps in the early years have classroom resources attached.


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